Rules and Regulations

Chemistry Graduate Program

Internal Regulations: Internal regulations of the Graduate Program in Chemistry at UFBA

Criteria for accreditation and re-accreditation of faculty members: Regulates the criteria for accreditation and re-accreditation of faculty members

Resolution 01/2021: Regulates the number of students per supervisor

Resolution 01/2018: Regulates the maximum deadline for master and PhD courses

Resolution 01/2016: Regulates the elaboration of the master dissertation or PhD thesis

Resolution 02/2016: Regulates the process of equivalence of credits related to curricular activities

Resolution 03/2016: Regulates the allocation of scholarships

Resolution 02/2000: Regulates the concession of “distinction award” for master dissertation or PhD thesis.

Resolution 01/2000: Regulates the use of published scientific articles

Resolution 01/2013: Regulates the criteria for the inclusion of a co-supervisor.

Norms for qualification exam: Addresses the qualification exam for PhD degree.

Norms for scholarships distribution: Regulates the distribution of scholarships

Resolution 01/2000: Regulates the academic credit granting

Resolution 01/2001: Regulates the examining boards composition

Resolution 03/2000: Regulates the teaching practice by students

Resolution 03/2013:  Regulates the financial aid for students and professors



Resolution 02/2010 (CAE): Addresses the competence of the collegiate and congregation.

Resolution 02/2003: Regulates the number of vacancies for foreign students